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Luke 18:16 "...Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God."

Frankie Nunez
In loving memory

 Rev. Eve Nunez 


 Rev. Eve Nunez is founder and president of the Help4Kidz Foundation. She has been assisting children and teens at risk for more than 30 years. Rev. Nunez is the recipient for several service awards for her efforts, including the following:

  • Presidential Proclamination-President George Bush, 2003
  • Letter of Recognition-Office of the Governor, Janet Napolitano, 2003
  • Hon Kachina Volunteer Award, 2003
  • Ambassador of peace-U.S. former senator Mark Anderson, 2002
  • National service Award from the Arizona Coaltion to End Homelessness,2001
  • Silver Heart Award from the Armies of Compassion, 2002
  • Champions for Children Award from the Arizona Republic, 2002
  • Business Women of the Year- RCN, 2004
  • Street Saint Award- Governor Janet Napolitano, 2005
  • Friend of Phoenix Award- Mayor Phil Gordon, 2006

    She is the President of Alma Vision Hispanic Network Phoenix, Channel 22.
     She is also president and co-founder of AACFA, the Arizona Alliance for Community and Faith-Based Action, and on the Mayor's Latino Advisory Board.
    Rev. Eve Nunez is a Community Leader, Keynote Speaker, Program Director, Facilitator, and a National Child Advocate. She has Provided training in technical assistance in organizational development, Community Engagement, Leadership Development to Arizona non-profit Organizations for the last 10 year's. She has managed project's at Administrative Level's; directed implementation of Federally funded program for Help 4 Kidz, including Staffing work group's, involving a broad spectrum of volunteer's. Projects include problem analysis, and needs assessment. Implement a problem design; create management information system for non-profit's. Creating functioning budgets's know and operate non-profit polices and procedure's for Recruitment, Hiring, Staff Development, Development and Implement evaluation plan's for program.

        Please join Rev. Eve Nunez and the Help4Kidz Foundation, make childhood a time of joy, and wonder for children at risk.They deserve the same opportunities as other children in America. Remember, their future is ours. We cannot and must not turn our backs to them. Help us help them.